Product Management

Product Management Learning Path holds every card you need to play in the field of product management. All the core concepts and skills in this learning path are all you need to grasp and master to function as a product manager and take that next step in your career.

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In this learning, we will teach you the valuable skill of product management in a thorough manner and you can then apply your knowledge to develop a product of your own or apply for a job in this discipline.

We will teach you all the processes related to product development from Idea generation, market research. Writing user stories to test the product before it’s ready to out there in the market. This course has been specifically designed by the industry experts in a stride by stride manner to provide you with a practical edge. This course is all you need to ace all the concepts of the product development lifecycle. With roles like Product Owner, Scrum Master and Project Coordinator becoming more and more common this course is a must to advance your carrer in the right direction.

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Why Product Management

Product Management is an essential skill for the 21st century. Every market is getting more and more competitive with every passing day and the only thing that can make a product stand out is its flawless management. This is a generic course that can be applied to any product from any market or industry but with a special focus on the IT industry (by focusing on the Software Development life cycle and Software Testing life cycle) because it is a mandatory requirement for the age we belong to. However, every industry makes its products and has a great need for people to manage them but good product managers with proper knowledge of the field are very scarce. This course is all you need to kick start your career in product management by acing that interview or start developing your own product.


  • Quickly test and validate your product idea over a weekend.
  • Hands-on experience with Python libraries liking Numpy and pandas
  • Discover the secret method behind how Apple creates laser-focused products.
  • Become an Agile Product Owner and learn how to use industry-standard tools like Jira and Azzure.
  • Running, Manipulating and deploying data models using python.
  • Effectively lead developers/designers and manage stakeholders.
  • Hack the Product Management interview process and stand out from the competition.
  • Analyze the market landscape, discover weaknesses in your competitors, spot trends that will hyper-grow your product.


"Taking this course changed my perspective on data engineering as it starts with the basics and goes all the way to the advanced concepts. I enjoyed the interactive classes and the practical exercises related to every topic taught in the sessions. Highly recommended!"

- Stive Brown

"This course teaches you two key components of any data pipeline are data lakes and warehouses. This course highlights use-cases for each type of storage and dives into the available data lake and warehouse solutions. Delighted to write a review for this course as I enjoyed it a lot."

- Sarjeet Kumar

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